"If you are seeking a yoga teacher training purely for the physical practice of learning, I suggest you seek elsewhere. Scott Lawlor's Yoga Academy is about heart. It is about the soul of yoga. He challenges you in mind, body and spirit. Not only does he bring a wealth of knowledge but also undeniable passion for the practice. His passion bleeds out into every aspect of his life and becomes absolutely contagious. This man truly lives and breathes yoga in its truest form. I have seen it transform the lives of his students and have felt it transform my own. When i chose to take this course, I was convinced I was only doing it to deepen my practice. I had no intention to teach. As time went on, my experience became so profound that I have decided there is no possible way to contain what I have learned. I have to share it. I am being called now to show it's healing and life changing qualities to the people around me. The qualities of this practice have poured into me and my cup is so full that it is spilling over. This training not only taught me about the many asanas but also about myself. The inner growth I have experienced is beyond measure. There is no price I can put on it, Scott makes sure not only to teach you about the postures and sequencing but also the history, the lineage, the mythology, physiology, anatomy & spirituality of yoga. This is not your run of the mill, cookie cutter training. Be prepared to do a deep dive into your subconsciousness. This is an experience I will cherish for a lifetime. The friends, memories and knowledge I have aquired are absolutely priceless. This adventure has certainly been an epoch of my lifetime." ~Leah Sitzes